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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever date and period of the day that works best for you. We schedule Christmas tree pickups within four hour time slots. Morning (8am to Noon), Afternoon (12pm to 4pm), and Night (4pm to 8pm).


When you click the green "SCHEDULE TREE PICKUP" button above you may request which day and which four hour time slot works the best for your particular schedule. If the time you have requested is not available we will let you know this, then do our very best to reschedule you for a different time or day. It is not possible to give you a shorter time window until the day of your pickup once the driver has begun his route for that particular time slot.

We will be picking up Christmas trees everyday (including weekends) up until January 22nd.  Be aware that the sooner you schedule the more likely we can grant you your preferred day and time.

Yes. We will also pick up your tree from the curb for a reduced fee. Just indicate that your tree is "outside" when you fill out the scheduling form.

The cost of our service is based on the height of your tree combined with the general difficulty level we expect to be associated with removing it from your place of business or place of residence. We use the questionnaire on our scheduling form to discover whether your tree is located upstairs or downstairs, whether it is in a house or an apartment building, and whether your tree is inside or outside the building to determine your exact cost for the service. Outside pickup for our smallest trees begins at $25. For multiple trees we provide a discount. A portion of all proceeds goes to TreePeople to plant new trees.

Your tree will be taken to the recycling center. The mulch will be used for local plantings. A portion of all proceeds goes to TreePeople to plant new trees.

No. We are exclusively a tree pickup service. We cannot accept deliveries.

A local environmental nonprofit unites the power of trees, people and technology to grow a sustainable future for Los Angeles. Each year, TreePeople's staff and volunteers plant and care for many thousands of trees that provide many benefits, including removing carbon dioxide, producing oxygen and reducing temperatures right here in our city. For each contribution of $25, TreePeople will dedicate a tree to honor your family members, friends, colleagues or clients, and send a card with a warm holiday message acknowledging your gift. A gift of $100 or more will dedicate a grove of five trees and TreePeople will send the recipient a special holiday certificate. Certificates can be framed in a rustic reclaimed wood for an additional $30. This is one gift that will keep on giving for years to come!

Our Recyclers are ready to safely remove your Christmas tree. 

If you would like us to put on a mask before entering, please let us know in the notes section on the form or when you answer the door. 


We have improved our Credit Card payment to offer a no touch experience.  Although we still prefer cash or check, you may also pay with Venmo, Paypal or Credit Card.

If you prefer to leave your tree just outside the door, we can give you a discount.

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